Even the most seasoned authors can struggle with their jacket copy, synopses, and author bios. Meanwhile, writers just getting started often struggle to finish their books at all. In both cases, I can help ensure you’ve got the words you need!

Bulldog Typing/Writing

My standard rate for writing is $60/hour with a one-hour minimum charge.

Some jobs, depending on the size, may be subject to per-word rates. Please see the descriptions below for more information.



 For $0.35/word* I will write or rewrite your author bio according to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for something fun and witty, or something dignified and professional, I can work with you to ensure you’re communicating the image you want.

*Please note: my minimum charge does apply.


For 75- and 100-word summaries, I require 1 hour of writing time per summary.  For 300-word summaries, I require 2 hours of writing time.

To ensure your satisfaction, one round of revision is included at no additional cost. Additional revisions, if requested, are billed at my regular rate for line editing, which is $0.075/word.


If you’ve written the first draft of a great story (or parts of a great story) but have lost the desire or ability to continue, then hiring a co-writer is one option to finish your book. By choosing an professional with experience on both sides of the editing desk, you can rest assured you’ll be working with someone who will evaluate the writing you’ve done so far, work with you to develop a plan to achieve the full vision you had for your book, and then get to work, picking up right where you left off.

Co-writing is also a wonderful option for authors with complete manuscripts that require assistance in a specific area. Whether it’s a thriller in need of a good dose of romance, or a romance in need of more action and sub-plot, I can develop a plan of attack and get you moving. I also co-write mystery, science fiction, paranormal, and several other sub-genres of modern fantasy, including time-travel fantasy, supernatural fantasy, and imaginary realms.

Please email me today for a customized quote and a free half-hour consultation.


Wondering what I’ve worked on before? My portfolio should be back up soon!

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