Whether you’re looking for a developmental editor to help you with your novel, an experienced copy editor for your latest series, or someone to help you figure out where to start/what to do next, I can help you meet your writing and editing goals.


Editing Pup with GlassesMy hourly rate for editing is $55/hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

Sound like a lot? See the boxes below for a breakdown by word count and service provided.



 A developmental edit is a six to eight week process that begins with an in-depth evaluation  of your manuscript, followed by a period of one-on-one advising via email, and/or if desired, weekly conference call.

The Developmental Evaluation includes my assessment of the following:

  • Characterizations
  • Pacing
  • Plot (the hook, central conflict, climax & conclusion)
  • Setting
  • Theme
  • Style
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • If the book is part of a series*, any concerns related to the series’ story arc
  • Genre
  • Marketability

Developmental Editing provides comprehensive coaching and individualized guidance to improve your storytelling. Because the process is largely creative and can involve significant amounts of revision, including re-writing, rearranging, and reimagining of scenes, few in-line edits are made. Instead, comments bubbles and highlighting may be used to facilitate easier communication between author and editor.

My fee for this service is: $0.05/word 


A line edit is a sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph revision of your writing. Using the track changes features of Microsoft Word, I will make in-line edits to improve word choice, sentence flow, paragraph structure, voice, and readability. The time period needed to complete a line edit varies depending on the length and condition of the manuscript, but generally does not exceed three weeks on my end.

My fee for this service is: $0.075/word


Using the track changes feature of Microsoft Word, your manuscript will be copy edited in-line to ensure proper grammar, punctuation, and style. Extraneous words and redundancies will also be addressed to help reduce word count for larger manuscripts.

My fee for this service is: $0.03/word


If you would like feedback on your completed or partially completed manuscript without committing to an edit, I will be happy to provide one for a flat fee.

A Basic Manuscript Evaluation includes my assessment of:

  • Overall readability
  • Overall cleanliness (grammar, punctuation, style)
  • Originality
  • Genre
  • Any plot holes or story killers
  • Recommended next steps

This option is good for first drafts or new writers who prefer hiring a private editor over working with a critique group. My fee for this service is $250 for manuscripts up to 85K-words.


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